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My Abandonware – download games from the 80s and 90s for free

My Abandonware – download games from the 80s and 90s for free.

So it all started with my 7 year old son playing a very old school game called Mario FUNdamentals, on a very old school Mac. Think like the Bondi blue type Mac. It is a game gallery with the Mario theme, and you can play checkers, dominoes, go fish, etc. Well, he loves it. Everytime I would come pick him up from the after school program, he was playing it. He then of course asked me to get the game for him. Please.

Of course, knowing how old the game was and that most likely the afterschool ladies didn’t have a hard copy of the game, I took to the Internets. After just a few minutes search, I found this website, rejoice! Not only does it have the downloads, but full instructions to install and configure the DOS emulator needed to run these kinds of games! I downloaded the Mario game, among others, followed the instructions, et voila! I was playing Mario checkers in no time. Needless to say, I will have a very happy boy by end of today. I left a comment of thanks on the website, as a grateful parent should. ok, now off to play 1992 Oregon Trail Deluxe….


Pokemon X is ridiculously addictive

Yes, seriously, it is. Even for a stay at home mom, after all chores/laundry (a.k.a torture) are done, I settle down for about an hour if possible, and continue to battle through the little pixel towns with my trusty Pokemon party. I have now even gone so far as to follow a very helpful, straight to the point, and humorous blog Pokemon X/Y walkthrough by a guy named Matt. So thanks to Matt, for helping me get ahead in my extremely important, mission critical Pokemon gaming.

Back to the addictive part – it is more addicting now than when I played it back in the day (reference Gameboy here) because now there is a social element to it, what with all the actual fellow Pokemon players you can “meet” globally during gameplay. You can much more easily trade and battle on the fly now, the way PX and PY are set up. The interaction and more intricate involvement in leveling up your Pokemon make for a game that is easy to play anywhere/anytime but difficult to put down.